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Man Preparing to Fly a Plane

Our Purpose

Since 1979, Aviation Interfaith Ministries (AIM) has served the Pearson Airport community that presently peaks at 50,000 employees and 50 million yearly passengers. The Chapel spaces at each Terminal are easily accessible pre-security to all passengers, employees and the general public 24hrs every day of the week, while spiritual and pastoral care, and sharing of the sacraments, is offered by a mature team of qualified chaplains and volunteers.

Our Passion

To help meet the spiritual needs of staff and the traveling public, Pearson Chapel offers regular religious services throughout the week.  Our team of Chaplains are also equipped to share many additional resources  and programs with those seeking and in need; such as prayer, free literature, counselling, grief, and crisis support.  As well, our ministry of presence extends beyond the walls of our chapels, as we continue to extend our services to our entire airport community at more convenient locations.      


Learn about who we are, what we do and how we can serve you at Pearson Chapel from the chaplains, pastors and volunteers that work with us. 

Who we are

Our People

Meet our team of chaplains and volunteers who serve the Pearson community 7 days a week.  To learn more, click on their pictures below.

Mike Garabedian.jpg

Mike Garabedian

Senior Chaplain

John Mullins.jpg

Fr. John Mullins

Roman Catholic


Mario Villanueva.jpg

Rev. Mario Villanueva

Evangelical Chaplain

Richard Silvester.jpg

Richard Silvester

Volunteer Chaplain


Raquel Villanueva

Volunteer Chaplain


Darryl Dixon

Volunteer Chaplain

Sophia DiCinto.jpg

Sophia DiCintio


Danny Servos.PNG

Danny Servos

Volunteer Chaplain

Gabi Servos.jpg

Gabi Servos

Volunteer Chaplain

Chito Navarro.jpeg

Chito Navarro

Volunteer Chaplain

Faith Navarro.jpg

Faith Navarro

Volunteer Chaplain


Rev. Cy Yan

Volunteer Chaplain


Rolly Batenga

Volunteer Chaplain

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